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NEWS: 空置警局長草生蚊蟲‧市議員允派員清除

Sdr Oon and I went to Berapit New Village to highlight an abandoned police station. Back in 2008, I have already brought this up with the former OCPD (head of district police) Dr. Md. Shah, and although he promised to look into it, nothing was done. The police station was infested with bushes and undergrowth … Continue reading

NEWS: 王國慧:避免火患 過年須加強防火措施

News article about my visit to the fire-site of Kampung Baru market. 5 stalls (which sell vegetables) were destroyed in a fire which happened at about midnight. Fire-fighters managed to put out the fire about 3am. I visited the market at about 9am the same day and again the next day with Berapit state assemblywoman, … Continue reading

NEWS: 上任市议员隔日当新郎 沈志强两天宣誓两次

News article by Nanyang about new MPSP councillors. The first part is regarding me – I will be taking two oaths, one as Councillor on 7 Jan and then as a husband on 8 Jan in Church. Two very heavy responsibility, but I am ready to serve! ———- S0urce: (大山脚7日讯)新任市议员明日小登科,这位新市议员兼准新郎沈志强,今明两天都会宣誓的他,一次是宣誓就任市议员,一次是在教堂宣誓说“我愿意”,他直言,两次的宣誓,他将会做好本份。 将会做好本份 沈志强是大山脚区国会议员章瑛的特别助理,今年29岁,也是本届市议员当中,最年轻的一位。 他说,民联市议员任务最艰难的时刻已经过去,所以他未来将会致力继承前辈的努力,所以他将尽力扮演一个市议员的角色,甚至一个丈夫的角色。