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News from my friend in Egypt

By now the Egyptian revolution is already old news.

For about a week now, tens of thousands of Egyptians have taken to the streets to push for the resignation of President Hosni Mubarak and the end of his 30-year old reign. Mubarak’s party, the National Democratic Party has been in power since 1978 (compare, UMNO in Malaysia, which was in power since 1957).

The protests were among others aimed at the Country’s rampant corruption, unemployment and suppression of human rights. Egypt has been under martial laws since 1967 – again, compare Malaysia which was under martial laws since the late 1940s.

For a good summary of the revolution, see here.

The Egyptian government apparently has cut off all Internet connections and some reports said mobile phone connections. I have been trying to contact my friend L in Egypt since last week to find out her situation and safety. Yesterday, we had a brief chat over the Net. I believe Internet was finally restored in the Country. Interestingly, L told me that Al Jazeera, one of the news portal actively reporting on the street protests in Egypt, lied about the actual situation. She implied that Al Jazeera exaggerated the number of protesters and seriousness of the situation there.

I thought it is interesting that the only voice I personally know from Egypt has indicated support for President Mubarak when all around me I have read of support for the protesters’ cause. I guess, there is always the other side of the story.

I concluded our brief conversation with well-wishes for Egypt and her people and the safety of my friend.

For a good time-to-time updates on Egypt’s situation, check out BBC.

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