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Nobel Prize winner coming to Penang!

Penang is set to be a true cultural and intellectual capital of Asia; in December, Penang Institute is proud to host the 1996 recipient of the Nobel Prize in Economics, Professor Sir James Mirrlees who will deliver the 2nd Penang in Asia Lecture. Professor Mirrlees’ lecture is entitled, “Finance and the Current Recession”.

The Lecture coincides with the official launch of the Penang Institute. The Institute was formerly known as the Socio-economic and Environmental Research Institute (SERI) and was established in 1997 to fill the vacuum of policy research in the State of Penang. In more than a decade since its inception, the Institute has established itself to be one of the foremost think tanks in the country. In August 2011, realigning itself to meet new challenges of the day, SERI went through a transformation process which include a name change to the Penang Institute.

The inauguration will feature talks not only by Professor Mirrlees, but also renowned scholars from top universities around the world as well as senior Malaysian state and national leaders. Topics discussed will range from policymaking to the financial system to the future of global economy.

Come and join us as we celebrate this launch – come and engage with top minds of the world in the various issues discussed. Penang leads!

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