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How Many Know The Nights Before…

They said your torment was the roofless night
Unwelcomed in your own country,
The painful burdensome flight
Moved like pawns by the king’s decree.
Your knocks were ignored, your pleas refused,
Rejected at the door, insulted with abuse.
But how many know the nights before,
When you faced the scorns around;
Contempt far worst than the closed doors,
Were the mocking whispers you’ve lost count.
They said that night you were in pain,
But how many know the nights before;
What is the pain compared to the shame,
The humiliation hurt much more.
How many know the agony you suffered
The pang of unwed pregnancy,
The priests required your blood
The neighbours demanded your sanity.
You lived through the nights and the days
Of scorns and shame and threats,
Bearing your child all the way
Of thorns and pains and dreads.
How many know your wounds and misery
Your longsuffering full and ripe,
Till he came, unwelcomed in his own country
On that starry roofless night.

God became man, not as one of high honour or superior caste or class, but chose to be born through an unwed teenage pregnancy of a single mother who was from a poor and oppressed people.

Merry Christmas 2011
(Photo source: The Internet)

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