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Manuscript submitted!

It’s amazing what we can do when we insulate ourselves from the regular noise of our lives.

Last week I had lunch with two of my mentors and was inspired to get an item pending on my checklist for a long time done. One of my goals is to publish my first book by 30. This year, I am 30. But I have been writing for the past one year, very slowly, putting to papers (or rather word processor) my thoughts on key political concepts. However, because of my work in the local government, as well as managing the restructuring of the Penang Institute the last 6 months of 2011, writing has taken a back seat.

But after speaking to my mentors at the lunch, I was inspired to get this book done. With the long weekend last week, I took the opportunity to write my book, and finally got to complete the manuscript. The result will be a small book of 10 chapters, analysing political concepts we have come to take for granted. The thoughts are from my reading of philosophy as well as my direct experience being involved in politics at national and regional level. It will be a short book, easy to read and can be completed at one or two reading; the brevity is deliberate as I hope to reach out to urban Malaysians who, like me, may be overwhelmed with too many things in life to read a good book discussing political ideas. I hope to set the tone for a more vibrant and critical discussion of politics in our country as part of steering the growth of our nation’s political maturity.

So, keep a look out for my first book! I promise you it will be interesting 🙂 I will make further announcements here in the coming weeks.

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