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Jessie Ooi doing further disservice to her image

These days, values are taking to the back seats to give way to saving party and personal “face”. Ms. Jessie Ooi of the MCA who recently made headlines for all the wrong reasons, including to slander the Penang State local authorities, refused to bulge with a simple apology, and instead chose to bend and twist her words to justify her actions. I think a simple statement admitting to one’s mistake at a spur of the moment and an apology to parties wrongly implicated will serve to improve her image better. Ooi also threatened to sue her critics, but, I am not sure, if the court will be able to sentence thousands of people all at once. Jessie took a u-turn, but it seemed only to face a dead end.

Malaysian politics needs rejuvenation and healing from this present rouge-style politics of violence, of defamation and deceits. Politicians from both sides need to realise that. The people, the electorate needs to demand that!

1 thought on “Jessie Ooi doing further disservice to her image”

  1. That is the problems with the BN leaders or members. They think we citizens hutang them a lot and always have to listen to their rubbish. Selfish and self centre lot.

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