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MCA vs the World

Post CSL-LGE debate, MCA found itself in a mega predicament.

Firstly, comments around coffeeshops and the Internet showed that MCA lost the plot at the debate when it thought it fitting to “cheat”. Not only the MCA crowd were all seated in the front and were given priorities to ask questions during the Q & A hence turning it into a LGE-bashing session, the unruly behaviours of some of the MCA supporters throughout the debate was ugly scene for many.

Secondly, MCA Selayang’s parliamentary coordinator, Jessie Ooi created a hype on the Internet for her false allegation against the Penang local government during Q & A. Her statement angered many people and her stubborn insistence to not admitting her mistake brought even worse criticism. Jessie even threatened to take legal actions on critics.

Thirdly, MCA has gone as far as lodging an unjustified policy report against LGE’s statement during the debate. In response to CSL’s repeated allegation that the DAP-PAS collaboration is dangerous to the chinese community, LGE said PAS has never “killed” (antagonise) a chinese. MCA lodged a police report against that statement claiming that it is a racist remark. On Malaysiakini itself where the news was reported, many commentators condemned MCA’s childish action, seen as trying to play hero defending the image of big brother UMNO.

Fourthly, MCA further alienated Muslims in Malaysia with CSL’s repeated negative remark against Islam and Islamic policy of PAS  during the debate. CSL is already seen upon as a morally-bankrupt leader, thus his attack on Islam will further strengthen the rejection of MCA by even traditional Malay UMNO’s supporters.

Looks like its MCA versus the world.

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