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NEWS: A strong opposition in Pakatan states: What does it entail? — Steven Sim

Originally published in theMalaysiaInsider MARCH 16 — In the 2010 Umno general assembly, its president, Prime Minister Najib Razak sounded the battle-cry to defend Putrajaya at all cost, “even if our bodies are crushed and our lives lost”. It is as if at the federal level, Umno is waging war against democracy because we are … Continue reading

NEWS: Transparency in local councils

This article appeared in the Sun Daily on 13 March 2012, written by Dato’ Dr. Goh Ban Lee, a former municipal councillor himself and a scholar in urban research and town management. Dr. Goh quoted my full council adjournment speech on the need to increase transparency. Source: The Sun Daily SEBERANG Perai Municipal Councillor Steven Sim … Continue reading

PRESS: Krisis menjadi peluang untuk amal ketelusan

My adjournment speech in the MPSP full council meeting on 29 February 2012. Among others, it called for transparency in local government. See here for chinese translation of the speech. —————————— Dunia melangkah ke dekad ke2 dalam abad ke21 ini dengan menyaksikan satu krisis yang melanda masyarakat dunia. Saya memanggilnya krisis kerana fenomena ini berlaku … Continue reading

PRESS: 威省市议会例常会议展延的讲词 2012年2月

My MPSP full council adjournment speech delivered on 29 February 2012. See Malay version here. 当全球迈向二十一世纪的第二个十年,我们正处于一场席卷全球的危机。我之所以用危机二字来形容,是因为这个现象是在短期内发生的巨变,