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Undergrowth – not the kind of greens we want

I visited Berapit and Machang Bubok today with local leaders and MPSP staff to check on two complaints regarding undergrowth and wild bushes. Actions by MPSP will be taken immediately after our visit today.

This was a public walkway but now covered with undergrowth. MPSP will clear the path and also trim the trees branches. Together with me are (l-r) Ang Tun Kiat, Berapit Village JKKK chief and En. Ghuzaimi, MPSP staff in charge of cleanliness.

 am here with JKKK Taman Machang Bubok chief Bay Siong Hee and a member of his JKKK. We are in front of an abandoned house where neighbours complained the undergrowth has become nests for wild animals and insects. Section 75 of the Local Government Act 1976 allows the local council to issue cleanup notice to owner/tenant of a premise, failing which officials can enter the premise to take further actions.

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