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PRESS: MPSP faced DOS attacks

Chinese version here.

280612 | Bukit Mertajam

It is unfortunate for me to announce that Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP) for the past week has been the target of malicious attacks using denial-of-service (DOS) mechanism.

Beginning on 21 June, last Thursday, we discovered a 100% bandwitdh flooding of our router which led to the jamming of the access to our network. Consequently, legitimate users are unable to access our website and web services. External emails to MPSP and MPSP staff are also denied.

This means residents, contractors and other users of our web services will not be able to access these services. These web services include, online assessment payment, lodging complaints, checking on status of OSC, license, tender applications, change of postage address, as well as booking of MPSP recreational facilities.

We are now working with TM to resolve this issue.

This is clearly an attempt to 1) deny the residents of Seberang Perai their rights to services by MPSP and 2) discredit the local government. It is an act of vandalism against public facilities. While we do not strike off the posibility of a politically-motivated attack due to the proximity of the general election, we do not know the source of these attacks. However, we condemn this  criminal act against a local government.

Steven Sim
Ahli Majlis MPSP
012 5907 507

Chart above shows MPSP bandwidth utilisation on 21 June – see the green line which showed 100% flooding of the bandwidth by incoming traffic

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