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PRESS: Theng’s misplaced courage: Timid on Mahathir, he defamed LGE instead

120712 | Penang

I refer to the report by NST entitled, “Guan Eng taken to task for insulting KTAR grads” (

MCA Selangor Public Services and Complaints chairperson Theng Bok clearly was not listening and paying attention to the debate between his party President Chua Soi Lek and DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng when he accused Lim of insulting Tunku Abdul Rahman College (TARC) graduates. Either that or he is malicious and has resorted to twisting facts just like what his party president Chua did during the debate.

Either way, Theng must realise he is not living in the Cold War era anymore to spread such lies. The tens of thousands of viewers who watched the debate clearly heard what Lim Guan Eng said. For the benefit of Theng, I will repeat two points here:

1) During the debate, Lim unmistakably said, and I quote verbatim,

TAR College is the clearest example of the failure of MCA; why was TAR College established? Because of the unfair quota policy, qualified students cannot enter into university. And that is why as a consolation, you formed TAR College.

And subsequently Lim also said,

My learned opponent said that we insulted the contributors to TAR College. No, we did not. We said that the establishment of TAR College is an indication of your failure to allow non-Malay students who are qualified to enter university, that is why you have to set up TAR College as a consolation prize.

It is obvious what Lim meant. MCA has been the key partner of UMNO in the ruling coalition for the last 55 years. Yet it has utterly failed to improve the education system in our country. Instead of institutionalising good education policy, including fair admission and assistance of students regardless of race, and the upgrading of the quality of education offered; MCA as a major partner in the government can only placate public sentiment by setting up a private college.

MCA in this sense continues to manipulate the sentiments of the people, especially the chinese community which it claims to represent. Instead of giving us the cure for the unjust, and inferior higher education system in the country, MCA has given us the sugar pill of a private college. If MCA is a social club or even a money-making enterprise, then it is understandable that they are not able to make changes to government policy and had to start a private college. But MCA is a key decision maker in the Barisan Nasional government, what the party should do is to reform the system, to cure the cancer of low quality education, not give us panadols!

Thus, the problem is not TARC students, past and present nor its lecturers nor its donors nor even the college itself; but it is MCA, the party which continually distract and divert the people’s attention from the real issue, from the disparities in our system including our education system and from the need for reform in the government.

2) The second point which Lim raised, and I echo is: “Shame on you, MCA!” And following his irresponsible, malicious and misleading statement, shame on you, Theng. Why are you still colluding with UMNO to short-change the people of Malaysia? On the same day of the debate between Chua and Lim, UMNO’s paramount leader, Tun Dr. Mahathir Mohamad had stated clearly his disdain of the recognition of TARC certificates. He went as far as saying; the recognition was due to the “stupidity of the Malay”. Instead of defending his alma matter, TARC, and his party, MCA, against such humiliation from UMNO, Theng Bok chose to falsely accuse Lim Guan Eng of insulting TARC students. Shame on you, Theng! This is further proof that MCA is not interested in the truth or even in the welfare of the people, but rather they chose to indulge in the gutter politics of defamation, false accusation, and lies to bolster UMNO’s position as the ruling regime.

Steven Sim
Treasure, Penang State DAP Socialist Youth (DAPSY)
Councillor, Majlis Perbandaran Seberang Perai (MPSP)



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