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NEWS: MPSP asks Yen Yen: So, it’s okay to break the law?

My original statement in Mandarin here and in Bahasa Melayu here.

Source: Malaysiakini

jib_bannerTourism Minister Dr Ng Yen Yen has been lambasted for her “utter disrespect of the law and insulting workers” carrying out their task in the removal of banners depicting Prime Minister Najib Razak extending Chinese New Year greetings to the people.

Seberang Perai Municipal Council (MPSP) councillor Steven Sim (right)said Ng not only “insulted the wisdom” of the people, especially Penangites, but also the MPSP workers who were merely doing their work on that day.

“As a minister, Ng should know better that laws must be obeyed. Does she mean that it is all right to break the law, just because it involves the PM, or Najib?” Sim asked when contacted.

“MPSP brought down the streamers that contained Najib’s picture because it did not get a permit from the local council,” added the Penang DAP publicity secretary.

“Is Ng saying that the workers were wrong in carrying out their duties? She should apologise to MPSP and its workers for her insulting statement criticising MPSP’s official work,” he said.

Sim said the removal of the illegal banners included others that were not related to BN or Najib.

He said the MPSP workers were carrying out their normal duties around the Bagan area when they spotted the illegal streamers put up by BN.

A total of 971 banners, including 678 of Najib’s streamers, were removed that day during the operation, he said.

Sim was referring to Ng’s comment on Sunday that it was unbecoming of the state government to remove the streamers.

Ng said she received feedback that some people had stepped on the banners bearing the prime minister’s image after they were pulled down.

She demanded an apology from Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng for the “disrespectful behaviour” towards a prime minister of Malaysia, adding that stepping on his image also meant stepping on Malaysia.

‘Yen Yen, be thankful to MPSP’

Instead, Sim said Ng and MCA should be thankful that the MPSP  “covered up the shame” of the PM, for the state BN had broken the law by putting up streamers without a permit.

He said he did not fault the BN as it had always practised “double standards”.

Ng (right) ought to be reminded that in Penang, the state administration and local councils led by Pakatan Rakyat practises CAT (competency, accountability and transparency).

“No matter who made a mistake – whether it is the minister or the PM – action will be taken,” said Sim, who is also the DAP national political education director.

“From being a minister who oversees streamers with Najib’s face, it is better for Ng to take care of the people in her constituency, Raub, and in neighbouring Gebeng, as they are probably suffering from poison due to BN’s policies,” Sim added.

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