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Why is it called Good Friday?

Why is it called Good Friday? Is it like good luck or a good friend? Or what do people mean anyway? What good does Good Friday represent? I heard Good Friday is To remember a man who died But what I don’t understand is this Someone died and we call it Good, why? Well I … Continue reading

Recalculating our debts to one another

Originally published in TheMalaysianInsider. Recently, I read a book by David Graeber entitled “Debt”. At the beginning of the book, the author recalled a conversation where he told an acquaintance that he was advocating the abolishment of Third World debts. Her replied was: “But… they’d borrowed the money! Surely one has to pay one’s debt”. … Continue reading

PRESS: 威省公共运动设施建设及维修

English version here. 2013年3月13日| 大山脚 我在此非常开心地宣布,上星期我已经指示威省市议会向规划、建设及美化小组提呈一项有关威省公共休闲及运动设施的建议,经已被接纳了。 以下是66个分别在威省区内的运动设施:

PRESS: Building and Maintenance of Public Sports Facilities in Seberang Perai

chinese version here. 120313 | Bukit Mertajam I am happy to announce that last week, I have instructed MPSP to table a paper to the Jawatankuasa Perancangan, Pembangunan dan Pengindahan on the building and maintenance of public recreational sports facilities in Seberang Perai. There are a total of 66 such facilities in the whole of … Continue reading