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PRESS: Building and Maintenance of Public Sports Facilities in Seberang Perai

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120313 | Bukit Mertajam

I am happy to announce that last week, I have instructed MPSP to table a paper to the Jawatankuasa Perancangan, Pembangunan dan Pengindahan on the building and maintenance of public recreational sports facilities in Seberang Perai.

There are a total of 66 such facilities in the whole of Seberang Perai, as follows:

District Badminton Sepak takraw Basketball Tennis Volley ball Total
SPU 1 14 6 0 2 23
SPT 9 7 11 1 0 28
SPS 2 7 5 1 0 15
Total 12 28 22 2 2 66

All of these facilities are built with the allocation of former Wakil Rakyat and there was no plan submission to the local council, some of then are built without proper specification. Therefore these courts are not stated in MPSP’s landscape plan and are not within MPSP’s maintenance.

This year, we have allocated RM450,000.00 for the maintenance of open space and recreational facilities in public parks and fields. The fund will be used for example, to repair broken equipments in children’s playgrounds, repair of fields, sidewalks, perimeter fencing etc. This fund does not include the maintenance of the sports facilities listed above because they are not handed over to the council after completion.

However, we have received a lot of public complaints over the lack of maintenance of these facilities. Most of the time, repair of the facilities have to be done using Wakil Rakyat’s allocation.

New policy in regards to building and maintenance of public sports facilities

In recognition of the role of the local government under section 101 ( c), the committee has agreed to

1) provide the fund to repair the facilities listed above which are in critical condition,

2) to adopt a new policy for the building and maintenance of such facilities.

The committee also agreed to proceed to immediately repair 13 basketball courts which we have received request to repair due to their critical condition. There are 2 in SPU, 8 in SPT and 3 in SPS and the repair is estimated to cost RM93,500.00.

Condition of the basketball court in Taman Desa Palma

Today, we are here in Taman Desa Palma, at one of the basketball courts which is in urgent need for repair.

I received complaint of ponding in the field and basketball court at the end of 2011, and by 6 February 2012, MPSP has embarked on repair costing RM19,665.00. By December 2012, we discover that ponding still occur especially at the basketball area.

This problem is caused by bad planning in the construction of the field as well as the basketball court in the beginning.

Now that MPSP has agreed to adopt the maintenance of the basketball courts, we will proceed to address this matter. Actions proposed by the Engineering Department of MPSP include,

1) building a perimeter drain around the basketball court

2) repairing the gradient of the court to ensure proper water floor

It is estimated that the project will cost about RM18, 170.00. We hope to complete the repair within two months beginning April 2013.

Steven Sim
Councillor, MPSP

3 thoughts on “PRESS: Building and Maintenance of Public Sports Facilities in Seberang Perai”

  1. Hi Steven Sim,
    Good effort. Just want tot check about our Taman Alma Indah field’s facilities were in your list?
    Thank you and best regards from SB Kee

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