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(Book) Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

by Nelson Mandela

Chronicled Mandela’s journey from a “runaway” village boy to a runaway political activist before finally becoming the President of independent South Africa. It is a very honest book, and at times open confessions of weakness from a man who is today a living legend – to remind us that Mandela is a real person like all of us. His struggle against injustice and oppression should inspire the world to ensure that we’ll never see the lights of apartheid ever again. Reading it from a Malaysian context, I realized although the degree was greatly different, Malaysians can identify with pre-independent SA, especially in terms of politics of race, oppression of alternative voice, political hegemony, suppression of freedom. Mandela was even charged under the SA version of Malaysia’s Internal Security Act, a preemptive martial law which gives police the power to detain without trial. Long Walk to Freedom is not only about the journey of one man or a nation, but it is really about the journey of humanity towards goodness. It may have ended for Mandela, but we are still walking. Hopefully, his journey will give us strength to walk on!

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