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Don’t praise Playboy for being kosher: It is not the victory of religion

A year ago, in December 2015 Playboy magazine released its January/February 2016 issue. It featured 48-year old every-pubescent-boys-fantasy-lifeguard Pamela Anderson on its cover. This is a historic issue to say the least. It marked the end of an era spanning more than six decades, a magazine as infamous as the nude photos it carried in … Continue reading

(Book) Silence

By Shusaku Endo The Japanese title of this book is 沈黙, read in Chinese as “chen mo” and in Japanese as “chinmoku”, a kind of deep overwhelming silence. The first character is also my surname, but pronounced differently. It explores the theme of the hiddeness of god. The protagonist, a Jesuit, had to deal with … Continue reading