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Abdul Rahman Dahlan was incriminating himself like the Malay proverb, “meludah ke langit, terkena muka sendiri” when he accused Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng of governing without check and balance

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam


I refer to the press report where Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan said that “Penang Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng has become very powerful because he is the chairman of (certain state government agencies) and this has created fear among the people.” (Source:

Abdul Rahman Dahlan should realise that the Penang State Government is governed differently from how he manage his own Ministry.

Abdul Rahman Dahlan should reflect on his own track record of bad governance

In November 2015, the Penang branch of the Real Estate and Housing Developers Association (REHDA) voiced their concern over the manner Abdul Rahman Dahlan was stalling the Advertising Permit and Developer License (APDL) in his then capacity as Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister.

It was reported that APDLs for over 50 development projects in Penang including affordable housing schemes were delayed without any good reason. (Source:

In February 2017, the Kuala Lumpur High Court decided that Abdul Rahman Dahlan acted wrongly as Urban Wellbeing, Housing and Local Government Minister to give delivery extension to developer of a condominium project, causing aggrievement to 71 house buyers who sued and won. (Source:

More suspicious was that the delivery extension was requested through a letter from the wife of the Attorney General, who falsely presented herself to be a director of the said developer.

It is clear that decisions were made arbitrarily, and driven by selfish political and personal interests.

As such, Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s track record of bad governance is the perfect example of someone running the show with “no check and balance”, thus becoming “very powerful…and has created fear among the people”.

Penang state government’s track record of good governance is open for all to see

In contrast, since 2008, the Penang state government is widely acknowledged for its competency and good governance, not only by the federal Auditor General but also by international anti-corruption organisation, Transparency International.

The Auditor General’s Report 2015 released in November last year, acknowledged that the Penang state government completed 99.7% of development projects planned while spending only 55.4% of the money budgeted.

The latest Auditor General’s Report 2016 Series 1 released July 2017 showed that in 2016, Penang received the highest percentage of 5-star ratings in the Accountability Index audit conducted by the Auditor General compared to all other states in Malaysia.

Clearly, Abdul Rahman Dahlan’s false accusation against the Penang state government and Chief Minister Lim Guan Eng is self-incriminating, like the Malay proverb, “meludah ke langit, terkena diri sendiri”. I urge him to put his own house in order first before throwing false accusations against Penang.

Steven Sim Chee Keong
MP for Bukit Mertajam

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