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‘Sports Ministry riddled with corruption’

KUALA LUMPUR: The Youth and Sports Ministry is in the top 10 of ministries riddled with corrupt practices and the ministry is now in the process of conducting investigations.

In saying this, deputy Youth and Sports minister Steven Sim said the ministry was at number 8 out of 25 ministries in which corruption was a big problem, citing weaknesses in the procurement and payment processes.

The number 8 ranking was based on the Malaysian Anti-Corruption Commission’s (MACC) Public Service Corruption Ranking (PSCR) released in 2016.

It was also among the ministries that received the lowest allocation in the Federal budget.

“All of these problems and leakages have resulted in the inability to maximise the limited resources to develop youth and sports,” he said.

Touching on the awarding of projects in the Youth and Sports Ministry, Sim said a huge number of the ministry’s contracts were not awarded with open tender, but through direct negotiation.

This, he said was based on what initial investigations uncovered.

Some of the contracts include consultation services as well as infrastructure development, he told press members at the Parliament lobby, here, today.

“Many SEA Games projects were done without open tender,” Sim said, however he did not reveal the actual cost involved.

From a total of RM777.14 million in projects between 2016 and 2018, 46 per cent or RM357.80 million were implemented without open tender but awarded via direct negotiation or limited tender, according to Sim.

“Based on observation at the ministry, we find there are many rooms for improvement at the management and administration level that needs to be carried out.

“After a ministry officer was detained by the MACC involving misappropriation of RM100 million in 2016, there has been no improvements carried out,” Sim said.

In 2017, he said procurements made without open tender was at RM264.2 million while those done via open tender totalled RM173.7 million.

Immediate action will be taken, he informed, in line with the aspirations of the new government to fight corruption.

Sim remarked that investigation into these contracts which were not done via open tender was not an act of revenge against the previous leadership.

It is learnt that the ministry has met with MACC officers on the issue of tenders being awarded via direct negotiation and have been advised to conduct a forensic audit.

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