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DBP objects to rebranding of Hari Sukan Negara

The announcement by Deputy Youth and Sports Minister Steven Sim that Hari Sukan Negara will be rebranded as Malaysia Sports Challenge (MySC) has met with the disapproval of Dewan Bahasa dan Pustaka.

DBP, the body regulating the development of Bahasa Malaysia language and literature, made an objection to the rebranding of the event, which commenced in 2015.

Citing both the National Language Act 1963 and Article 152 of the Federal Constitution, DBP expressed its view that all official functions at the state and federal levels should be carried out in BM.

“As such, we call on the Youth and Sports Ministry not to stray from the goal of spreading the use of the national language,” it said in a statement today.

DBP proposed that if international events are being held in Malaysia, then the dwibahasa (dual language) concept of both BM and English could be used.

“We suggest that all government ministries and agencies respect the national language as a mode of communication and vehicle for unity at the office, national and international level,” it said.

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