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No one is safe when Malaysia is now controlled by a triad of criminal cartels

Media statement of Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam


It is very frightening to read from highly credible authorities on the existence of a triad of criminal cartels controlling major sectors in this country, namely: Immigration Cartel, Meat Cartel and Police Cartel. 

These criminal cartels are now controlling our border security, food supply and police force. 

Immigration cartel

In the past, I have written extensively on the Migrant Industrial Complex, a multi-billion ringgit scheme profiting companies close to the then Barisan Nasional (BN) ruling party, providing services for the Immigration Department. The Migrant Industrial Complex works in cahoot with politicians, and government officials not only to supply immigration services to the country but also are involved in the “business of migrant workers” where importing migrant workers is not to support local business but rather is taken to be a lucrative business for well-connected cronies. Various authorities including the Royal Malaysian Police (PDRM) had indentified an “insiders syndicate” comprising border guards, immigration officials and other government officials to be involved in human trafficking activities. 

Meat cartel

In December 2020, we were shocked by the revelation that Muslim consumers in Malaysia had been buying meat of dubious origin including horse and kangaroo meat sold as halal beef. The report also exposed how officers from government agencies played a major role in allowing the importation of meat of dubious origins and suspicious quality, including through the use of fake halal logo. I have said that this is not only a Muslim issue, but the food safety and health of all Malaysians are at stake. 

*Police cartel*

Finally, last week, the Inspector General of Police (IGP) Abdul Hamid Bador himself, exposed the existence of a Police Cartel of corrupt officers up to the highest level where even an ex-IGP was allegedly receiving bribes from crime syndicates. Abdul Hamid claimed that the Police Cartel was trying to dominate PDRM and had tried to topple him. 

Save Malaysia: Restore Parliament, Establish RCI and Relaunch PH reforms

The shocking revelation of criminal cartels controlling our border security, our food supply and our police force, exposed the decades of culture of corruption, and politicisation of law enforcement departments in this country which led to a toxic environment where abuse of power can easily take place. 

Today, under a highly unstable government which itself is plagued with incompetent leadership, corruption, abandonment of the rule of law, anti-democratic abuse of power via political coup, suppression of freedom of expression and suspension of Parliament, the situation is getting worse.

We urgently need to save Malaysia from this evil and nefarious situation. No one is safe with our lives being daily affected, controlled, and dictated by powerful criminal forces working hand in glove with corrupt politicians and government officials. 

I still have faith in the majority of our police officers and civil servants. I call upon our policemen and policewomen, law enforcement officers and every Malaysian who love our country to come forward to save Malaysia. To save our country, we urgently need to:

  1. Restore Parliament to allow the normal functioning of democracy. 
  1. Establish Royal Commission of Inquiry to investigate, and crush these entrenched triad of criminal cartels.
  1. Relaunch the reform agenda under Pakatan Harapan to restore professionalism to government institutions, fight corruption and return public confidence in our law enforcement agencies. 

Steven Sim Chee Keong

Member of Parliament for Bukit Mertajam

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