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(Book) Chinese Politics in Malaysia: A History of the Malaysian Chinese Association

By Heng Pek Koon I spent CNY Day 1 to Day 3 reading this book, Dr Heng Pek Koon’s Chinese Politics in Malaysia: A History of the Malaysian Chinese Association”. The book was published at the height of Ops Lalang in 1988, chronicling MCA’s founding in 1949 until the eighties. My interests are really to … Continue reading

(Book) Silence

By Shusaku Endo The Japanese title of this book is 沈黙, read in Chinese as “chen mo” and in Japanese as “chinmoku”, a kind of deep overwhelming silence. The first character is also my surname, but pronounced differently. It explores the theme of the hiddeness of god. The protagonist, a Jesuit, had to deal with … Continue reading

(Book) The Malaysian Islamic Party PAS 1951-2013: Islamism in a Mottled Nation

By Farish A. Noor Just less than four years ago, on the eve of the 13th general election (GE13), DAP was preparing to use the white moon logo of PAS as our election symbol. Tok Guru Nik Aziz whom Malaysians dearly miss and whose kind of leadership we desperately need in these challenging times, responded … Continue reading

(Book) Long Walk To Freedom: The Autobiography of Nelson Mandela

by Nelson Mandela Chronicled Mandela’s journey from a “runaway” village boy to a runaway political activist before finally becoming the President of independent South Africa. It is a very honest book, and at times open confessions of weakness from a man who is today a living legend – to remind us that Mandela is a … Continue reading