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LIMA tugasan penting untuk Ketua Polis Negara yang baru demi untuk memulihkan maruah dan profesionalisme Polis DiRaja Malaysia

Semalam merupakan hari terakhir Khalid Abu Bakar sebagai ketua polis negara. Bekas Pengarah Cawangan Khas, Mohamad Fuzi Harun akan menggantikan beliau sebagai ketua polis negara yang baru. Dalam saya mengalu-alukan ketua polis negara yang baru, saya juga ingin memohon agar beliau segera melaksanakan lima tugasan penting dalam minggu pertama menyandang jawatan baru ini, agar mengembalikan … Continue reading

FIVE tasks for the new IGP to restore professionalism and dignity of the Royal Malaysian Police

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam 4 SEPTEMBER 2017 | BUKIT MERTAJAM, PENANG Today is the last day for Khalid Abu Bakar as Inspector-General of Police (IGP). Former Special Branch Chief Commissioner, Mohamad Fuzi Harun will replace him as the new IGP. There are FIVE tasks which the new IGP needs to … Continue reading

A Merdeka movie review: “Citizens” Or The audacity of our Malaysian Hope

Rare is a politician who reviews movies, just as rare as one who acts in movies. Pete Teo and Liew Seng Tat, the highly talented Malaysian filmmakers, have created yet another amazing short film recently, in conjunction with our 60th Merdeka celebrations. The stars are no less than Transport Minister and president of MCA Liow Tiong Lai himself … Continue reading

Complaints on Bukit Minyak factory were thoroughly dealt with

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam 16 AUGUST 2017 | GEORGE TOWN, PENANG It is totally a lie to say that no action was taken on the screw-coating factory issue in Bukit Minyak Government agencies and representatives from all three levels of government – local, state and federal authorities – all had … Continue reading