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Hang Tuah melawan kleptokrat: Sebuah interpretasi dialektikal

Apabila saya berbicara tentang Hang Tuah, ada tiga perkara yang orang selalu diperkatakan: Pertama, adakah Hang Tuah itu benar-benar wujud?  Kedua, dan tidak lari dari kerangka pemikiran berasaskan kaum dalam masyarakat kita, adakah Hang Tuah itu Melayu ataupun Cina? Ketiga, perihal Hang Tuah membunuh Hang Jebat. Apabila saya terbitkan artikel Hang Tuah yang pertama tidak … Continue reading

Reflections on Bukit Mertajam, and political lessons for Malaysia

(Originally published in Penang Monthly) The story of the valiant Sisyphus is one of my favourites in Greek mythology. He cheated gods and death, and thus angered Zeus himself. Because of this, Sisyphus was punished by Zeus to roll a boulder up a hill only to have it roll down again, and he has to … Continue reading

Exposé: A risky but necessary act in face of a corrupt hegemonic regime

This week, Rafizi Ramli, the PKR Member of Parliament for Pandan was criticised and then had to apologise for wrongfully alleging that a federal government private contractor was related to Minister Abdul Rahman Dahlan. Rafizi was threatened with a lawsuit by the Minister himself and was even ridiculed, mostly by online political detractors. Rafizi, of … Continue reading

Najib’s Durian Economics

Back in July this year, Ali my colleague, when he found out that durians today cost more than RM100 a kilogram exclaimed, “Dulu durian selonggok baru 10 ringgit hingga 15 ringgit. Apa sudah jadi?” (Durians used to cost RM10 – RM15 a pile. What had happened?) Little did he realise that two months after his … Continue reading