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All parties must strongly condemn extremism and denounce climate of hatred and intolerance in Malaysia

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam 05 JUNE 2017 | BUKIT MERTAJAM, PULAU PINANG Waves of terror are hitting our world. Hate crimes whether driven by racial, religious or political ideology or any sorts of prejudices are breeding violence everywhere. From terrorist incidents in London and Manchester to Daesh attack in the … Continue reading

Hundreds of millions spent on immigration biometric and computer system yet we still allow North Korean operatives and Daesh fighters into the country

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP of Bukit Mertajam 30 MAY 2017 | BUKIT MERTAJAM I refer to the special report by NST on how Malaysia has become dumping ground for would-be Daesh fighters who were arrested in other countries for attempting to join the terrorist group in Syria. (Source: report implied that the … Continue reading

Malaysiakini (MK) Special Report on Immigration: Blood is on our hands

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam 29 MARCH 2017 | KUALA LUMPUR I read with deep anger and frustration the three-part Special Report by Malaysiakini journalist Alyaa Alhadjri, who worked with her counterparts from the Indonesian Tempo magazine on human trade and trafficking in Malaysia. As much as I am angry, I … Continue reading

E-Kad exposed as fake reform, nothing more than another layer of bureaucracy leading to more profit for the Malaysia Migrant Industrial Complex

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP for Bukit Mertajam 22 MARCH 2017 | KUALA LUMPUR   On 7 February, it was reported that the Director General of Immigration Department, Mustafar Ali announced that undocumented migrants (PATI) will be able to register for a temporary card called “Enforcement Card” or E-Kad with the Department from 15 … Continue reading