Service Centre

Bukit Mertajam Service Centre

Pusat Khidmat Steven Sim Ahli Parlimen Bukit Mertajam

G-10 Precint 1 @ Sunway Wellesley, Jalan Muthu Palaniapan, 14000 Bukit Mertajam, Pulau Pinang.
Tel: (6)04-5381226


Steven Sim: 012-5907 507
Constituency Special Officers:
1) Dwyane Ang +60 12-411 3539
2) Siti +60 19-411 8343
3) KC Tan +60 16-456 8757
4) Kumar +60 12-425 5107


2 thoughts on “Service Centre”

  1. Dear Sir,
    I read your comments on Malaysiakini portal.I am a victim of biased Goverment policies. I am a qualified Aircraft Maintenance Engineer with 30 Years experience. At present I am unemployed for 2 yrs 5 mths. I was removed from my job a Malaysian Flying Academy and replaced by an unqualified Engineer from Pakistan.Till now he is still yet to pass his exams to hold such position. Just because he is cheaper , he is employed. Is this our the Country treats its own citizen. I am trying to escape this by looking for jobs overseas

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