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PRESS: Racist rhetoric: UMNO’s desperation and Najib unmasked

Press Statement¬† 080513 | George Town ¬†¬† What happened in the last few days, beginning with Najib’s labeling of UMNO’s lackadaisical performance in GE13 as “Chinese tsunami”, then Utusan’s frontpage headline “Apa lagi Cina mau” and finally Mahathir’s remark on Chinese rejecting the “Malays’ hands of friendship”, are clearly acts of desperation on the part … Continue reading

PRESS: Pegawai MCA lantikkan Kerajaan Pusat buat kenyataan fitnah dan menghasut terhadap PBT

This is my press statement against the accusation of Ms. Jessie Ooi, MCA-BN’s Parliamentary Coordinator for Selayang who said that 1) Penang local authorities raised assessment rate after 308 and burdened the people and 2) she personally saw cars parked illegally on the road are being towed by the local authorities after 10.30pm. Chinese translation … Continue reading