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“UMNO dan Kemerdekaan” programme: UMNO caught red handed brainwashing our kids

Media statement by Steven Sim Chee Keong, MP for Bukit Mertajam 10 OCTOBER 2017 | BUKIT MERTAJAM It is very clear that in the “UMNO dan Kemerdekaan” controversy, UMNO was caught red handed abusing educational institution for its selfish party and political interest. It is totally disgusting that they are now attempting to brainwash our … Continue reading

A Merdeka movie review: “Citizens” Or The audacity of our Malaysian Hope

Rare is a politician who reviews movies, just as rare as one who acts in movies. Pete Teo and Liew Seng Tat, the highly talented Malaysian filmmakers, have created yet another amazing short film recently, in conjunction with our 60th Merdeka celebrations. The stars are no less than Transport Minister and president of MCA Liow Tiong Lai himself … Continue reading

PRESS: Theng’s misplaced courage: Timid on Mahathir, he defamed LGE instead

120712 | Penang I refer to the report by NST entitled, “Guan Eng taken to task for insulting KTAR grads” (–eng–taken–to–task–for–insulting–ktar–grads-1.106133?localLinksEnabled=false). MCA Selangor Public Services and Complaints chairperson Theng Bok clearly was not listening and paying attention to the debate between his party President Chua Soi Lek and DAP Secretary-General Lim Guan Eng when he … Continue reading

MCA vs the World

Post CSL-LGE debate, MCA found itself in a mega predicament. Firstly, comments around coffeeshops and the Internet showed that MCA lost the plot at the debate when it thought it fitting to “cheat”. Not only the MCA crowd were all seated in the front and were given priorities to ask questions during the Q & … Continue reading