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NEWS: 為環保或自身利益?楊映波揭檳有組織居心不良

Source: Sin Chew Daily 表面上以環保為名反對發展,背地裡卻向發展商索取大筆金錢,甚至多達25萬令吉“和解費”,讓發展計劃繼續推行? 檳島市政局上訴局主席拿督楊映波楊映波不點名揭露檳城的一個組織,指這個組織曾通過市政局的上訴局,反對一項發展計劃獲得上訴局裁決獲勝後,發展商把案件帶上高庭,準備通過司法程序繼續推動發展計劃。

FORUM: Who Speaks for the Public?

Development is inevitable but its outcomes need not necessarily be detrimental to society or the environment. The planning process should therefore be one that is accountable to the public, given the impact of development on the social scale. However, in our country, such processes are closed systems where public involvement is at best minimal. Thus, … Continue reading