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The Phenomenology of Secrets: The Magician’s Cloak

Versi Bahasa Malaysia di sini Secret has been fascinating to me, and I believe to almost everyone. Ever felt so curious to the level of itchy eagerness to pry into some juicy information about a friend or a colleague? Or the inquisitiveness to look into the magician’s hat or his cloak?¬†Or the obsession with conspiracy … Continue reading

Zizek: Why we (I) love him?

Had a semi-reunion with EJ, Josh & Joy and of course, my Bkt Mertajam kaki Y and my wife JR at Starbucks last night. The topic of the conversation inevitably move from craps to theology to philosophy to politics – and not necessarily in that order. EJ asked us; why do we like Slavoj Zizek? … Continue reading