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Zahid Hamidi should stop abusing government agencies to play politics and start focusing on dealing with crisis within the Home Ministry

Media statement by Steven Sim, MP of Bukit Mertajam 1 AUGUST 2017 | PARLIAMENT, KUALA LUMPUR On 16 May 2017, NST reported that NOT FEWER than 30 would-be Daesh fighters who were arrested in other countries for attempting to join the terrorist group in Syria had “secretly” entered Malaysia. (Source: https://www.nst.com.my/news/nation/2017/05/239653/exclusive-threat-unwanted-tourists) These Daesh fighters were … Continue reading

PRESS: Campurtangan politik UMNO-Barisan Nasional cemar PDRM

1211012 | Bukit Mertajam Belum seminggu selepas Pemuda Sosialis Parti Tindakan Demokratik (DAPSY) Pulau Pinang mengeluarkan kenyataan mengecam tindakan polis yang tidak profesional dan melanggar undang-undang serta hak asasi manusia dalam mengendalikan kes Ahmad Abdul Jalil, kita dikejutkan lagi dengan dakwaan bahawa seorang wanita warga Indonesia telah dirogol semasa berada dalam tahanan polis. Semua ini … Continue reading

PRESS: Home Minister, IGP, Act Now: Stop Police Humiliation of Detainees

Originally published here Press statement by the Good Governance and Gender Equality Society, Penang (3Gs) and the Women’s Rights Awareness Association (WRAA) 040611 | Penang We refer to the news in Malaysiakini on a recent vice raid in Penang by Bukit Aman police officers (http://malaysiakini.com/news/165943). The news portal and other dailies reported that the police … Continue reading

NEWS: 空置警局長草生蚊蟲‧市議員允派員清除

Sdr Oon and I went to Berapit New Village to highlight an abandoned police station. Back in 2008, I have already brought this up with the former OCPD (head of district police) Dr. Md. Shah, and although he promised to look into it, nothing was done. The police station was infested with bushes and undergrowth … Continue reading