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PRESS: Pegawai MCA lantikkan Kerajaan Pusat buat kenyataan fitnah dan menghasut terhadap PBT

This is my press statement against the accusation of Ms. Jessie Ooi, MCA-BN’s Parliamentary Coordinator for Selayang who said that 1) Penang local authorities raised assessment rate after 308 and burdened the people and 2) she personally saw cars parked illegally on the road are being towed by the local authorities after 10.30pm. Chinese translation … Continue reading

PRESS: 促请对地方政府发出带有毁谤及煽动性言论的马华协调员黄糩璊公开道歉

Versi Bahasa Melayu di sini. 2012年2月18日|大山脚 身为槟城地方政府(PBT)市议员,我对马华士拉央区协调员黄糩璊所发出的以下言论感到非常失望: 槟城地方政府自从308执政之后提高门牌税; 地方政府执法人员在晚上10时30分之后,取缔违例停泊的汽车。